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3 min readNov 1, 2021
An illustrative representation of salary for UX/UI designers

Word on the street is that UI/UX design is a lucrative career choice in current times. Not only is this one of the highly demanded skills that people want to explore but is also a stable profession. While every industry was going downhill after Covid19, designers saw it as a challenge and crafted various products to help users stay safe yet productive.

Work compensation is highly dependent on the value that an employee adds to the firm and not the title he/she holds but titles do play a crucial role in defining the pay. Salary is a driving force for any job and before starting your career as a designer, you might want to explore what are different options are and how much do they pay. This article brings a salary report of UI/UX designers in India.

Major factors that determine salary


The main criteria to decide salary for a particular role is what skills does it include and how much value it adds to the firm.


The salary of the same profile may differ based on your locality. Every city/country has its standard cost of living and it plays a major role in determining the salary.


One thing that speaks equally to your skills is the experience you have. The power of time and effort that you have invested in a particular role always “pays off”. Your salary is directly proportional to the experience you have.

Company size

The size here does not mean the number of employees a company has, rather it refers to the market share it has. However, in today’s market scenario startups are known to pay you more than an MNC for some job role. Designers are one of those.

Country’s economy

Every country has its own employment laws and economic conditions like inflation, financial crises, fall/growth in GDP, etc. and this could play a major role in determining the salary structure of that nation in general.

Roles and Salary analysis

UX/UI Designer Key responsibilities

  • Possess key UI/UX skills.
  • Collaborate with the product manager to characterize and carry out inventive solutions for the product design and experience.
  • Execute all visual plan and design phases from concept to conclusive hand-off.
  • Phenomenal visual design abilities to conceptualize unique thoughts that brings effortlessness and ease of use to complex designs obstructions
  • Build up and advance design rules, best practices, and principles.
  • Capability to use various tools to get the task done.

Average Pay


₹546,146 / Year


₹3,129,500 / Year

UX Writer Key Responsibilities

  • Partake in the end-to-end design process.
  • Work together with designers, product managers, researchers, and developers to offer a functional and viable solution
  • Make UI copy that upgrade users experience across the company’s application and web.
  • Able to balance the harmony between content and design.
  • Create a variety of content such as interaction flows, web content, collaterals, emails, product tours, and style guides.
  • Understand feedback and incorporate them with the work further.
  • Average Pay


₹300,000 / Year


₹650,000 / Year

Information Architect Key Responsibilities

  • Create information architectures for the industry.
  • Create information architectures for the industry.
  • Work intimately with design architects to coordinate visual components into data units for each platform and channel that the company works on.
  • Model, arrange and dissect data units to help evaluate data gaps and recognize information architecture needs therefrom.
  • Evaluating objective market and target audience needs, mapping or demonstrating content for information.
  • Audit information and suggest information monitoring strategies.
  • Interviewing stakeholders and subject matter experts.

Average Pay


₹420,000 / Year


₹3,640,000 / Year

UX Manager Key Responsibilities

  • Mentor a group of skilled UX professionals to meet their maximum capacity.
  • Advance, reinforce, and proselytize a-list UX culture.
  • Bring user-centric design measures into the product development lifecycle.
  • Work with executive management to play a strategic role.
  • Work together and cooperate with Product Development to comprehend the vision of the product.
  • Make sure UX is integrated profoundly with the features and capabilities of the product.

Average Pay


₹1,000,000/ Year


₹2,098,729 / Year




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